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We are very excited to announce the 'gifts' feature on our HangMessage app. In celebration of this, we have decided to do the official launch starting in our hometown of Vancouver! How are we celebrating it? With free gifts of course! We have lots of goodies waiting for our users to redeem, so what are you waiting for? Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter to see what hints we are giving away about the gifts leading up to the big day.

Vancouver are you ready? Here's your official invite!

Who: Anyone with an Android or iOS device
When: Starts Wednesday, December 26th
Where: Vancouver and the lower mainland
Why: In celebration of the release of the 'gifts' feature for HangMessage
How: Simply download HangMessage in the App Store or Google Play and open up the map in the application to view all the free gifts hanging around you represented by the red gift box.

Who doesn't like free gifts? With HangMessage, you can collect free gifts such as a coffee, gift certificate or haircut voucher hanging in different locations around your city. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to collect that laptop computer you always wanted! Check out the map to see where they are located, read the hint to get an idea of what the gift might be and get on your way to being the first one to unlock the surprise in order to collect the gift!
HangMessage also allows you to hang messages for your friend at any specific location. They will be provided with walking directions as to where the message is located and once they arrive there they will be able to unlock the surprise message you left for them.

About HangMessage

Think back to your very first date when you took that lovely stroll along the beach and sat down on that wooden bench overlooking the water. Now fast forward to today. Imagine you can hang a surprise message in the air at that same bench for your significant other to pick up when they visit that exact area. Think about how thrilled and amazed they would be to receive a note showing that you remember and care!

With HangMessage you can! Using our interactive map, pick your current location, a different address or landmark and then pin your surprise message for your friend to receive. The best part? There is no expiration date, so your message will be hanging there, even if your friend visits that location a year later. You can also look up addresses in your phone contact book or choose from a list of check-ins made by your friends on Facebook or Foursquare. This integration of Facebook and Foursquare increases HangMessage's social interactions.

Want to know if you received any messages? Use the spyglass option. With the spyglass, an augmented reality component, you will be notified of any unread HangMessages, which one of your friends sent the message and how far away the message is placed relative to your location. You can literally see their messages in the signature yellow HangMessage envelope hanging in the air through the camera-view display.

You can hang messages anywhere and control the parameters within which the receiver's device can pick up the message. Hang a message at your son's school telling him to "have a great day" or hang a message at the office reminding your co-worker of an "11a.m. meeting." You can even hang a message for yourself at the supermarket so once you arrive at the location, your grocery list will arrive to your phone as well! Once the receiver picks up the message at the location and reads it, you will get a notification of receipt. Now go ahead, get creative, have fun and start hanging surprise messages anywhere you'd like!

HangMessage is fully operational for iPhones and Android Phones and was created with financial support and advisory services from the National Research Council of Canada's, Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP).

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